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Environmental impact assessments for Construction and Zoning

Before Maasvlakte 2's construction was started, very extensive environmental studies were carried out, which were legally mandatory. The studies are:

Both reports (over 6000 pages of environmental study) were completed in 2007. Because adequate and sufficient precautions are being taken to prevent, combat or compensate for detrimental effects, the authorities have granted the necessary permits partly based on these extensive reports.

EIA A and EIA B describe the effects of Maasvlakte 2's construction and use and list the measures to be taken in fourteen areas:

  • Transport and traffic
  • Noise
  • Air
  • External safety
  • Water
  • Light
  • Nature
  • Landscape
  • Recreational co-use
  • Nautical safety and accessibility
  • Coast and sea
  • Environmental quality
  • Usage functions
  • Archaeology