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Utopian and autonomous forms of architecture

As of mid-2012, part of Maasvlakte 2 will be sprayed on and ready for operation, but certain sections will not be in use yet. While the sites are still undeveloped, there is literally time and space to give free rein to the imagination. The qualities of the new and unique landscape can be exploited and reinforced and there is room for experimentation.

This situation is conducive to the realisation of semi-permanent works that respond to the physical qualities of the new land: light, wind, scale, space and gravity. These semi-permanent works will remain in the area for an indeterminate length of time and, through the workings of wind, sand and salt, will gradually be absorbed by the surrounding landscape. The works of art will reflect on the notion of transience and refer as monuments to utopian and autonomous forms of architecture.

> Oscar Tuazon (United States)
> Monica Sosnowska (Poland)