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Art project in relation to Maasvlakte 2: work in progress

Why Portscapes 2
Maasvlakte 2 is slowly but surely progressing towards the completion of the new port basins and quays. With the emergence of the new land, a number of concrete occasions and situations present themselves in which artists can play a role. This inspired the Port of Rotterdam Authority's decision to commission an art project per year in the period until 2013, when the first ship docks at Maasvlakte 2. Portscapes, in 2009, served as a trial year for this enterprise.

As in the pilot year 2009, there are currently a number of different perspectives (themes) for art in relation to MV2. In the period 2010-2013, this will be work with a permanent status and a clear practical function; work that responds to the project's negative effects as expected by its environs; work that marks milestones in the project and assignments of a more autonomous nature for (temporary) work in areas that have not yet been allocated. In each work of art, the establishment of relationships with the people who construct and visit MV2 plays an important role. In addition, there will be a focus on the way in which the works of art can contribute to the strengthening of the relationship between the ‘city and the port'.

For each theme, one or more artists will be asked to make a draft design for a work of art. After the draft designs have been evaluated, a project will be selected and given the go-ahead for execution.

In the years ahead, a number of themes will take centre stage. These are partially linked to subjects that are closely connected to the realisation of Maasvlakte 2: area quality, nature, but also nuisance for the environs of the port area. In addition, as long as the sites lie fallow, there is literally time and room for the imagination to run wild. Artists can exploit and reinforce the qualities of the new and unique landscape and there is room for experimentation. This can take the shape of events and semi-permanent works of art.

The themes are:
> Beach Art
> Environmental effects
> Ecology
> Visions
> In transit
> Imagine

In 2011, following the evaluation of the draft designs, a work of art will be commissioned for each of the themes. The intention is to realise one work of art a year. Whether this is feasible will depend on both the selected proposal and the progress of and opportunities created by the construction work at Maasvlakte 2.