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Go on an expedition with the FutureLand Express

The FutureLand Express is ready to take you on a special tour to the newest part of the Netherlands. There are new ports, the most modern terminals and offshore activities - a truly bustling port area. It is a very special place that deserves a closer look. The FutureLand Express makes doing so possible. All aboard!

The FutureLand Express has only one goal: a special tour of Maasvlakte 2. Sand, rock, concrete and steel. The tour also includes the tallest and most modern quay cranes, electric AGVs and high-tech ICT applications. These are the things that made it possible to create Maasvlakte 2. It took millions of cubic metres of sand to create this new land, on which the first two hypermodern terminals are now in operation. On the way, a FutureLand tour guide explains all kinds of things that you can see as well as the things you cannot see. The tour guidance is in Dutch. There are fact sheets in English.

Tours and prices

Please note that for the use of the audio tour a smartphone with headphones is required. The audio tour is available free of charge via our WiFi-network.

Ready for departure
The FutureLand Express operates each week from Tuesday to Friday and on Sunday. Once a month, FutureLand is open to the public on Saturday. The Express is in service on that day. If you would like to enjoy a tour and a boat trip on the same day, a combination ticket is the best option. Make your reservation for everyone who will be going on the boat trip and/or tour. Any child discount will be taken into account and applied at the FutureLand pay desk.

Check en reserve
The tours on offer, departure times and places available are stated in the reservation system Your reservation will only be final after you have completed the last step.

De booking form is in Dutch only. If this forms a barrier please contact FutureLand +31 (0)10 252 252 0 or send an e-mail.

Young children
During the tour, comprehensive information is provided about the design and construction of what is the most modern port in development. Because of its duration and the comprehensiveness of the information provided, the tour may be a challenge for children who are below upper primary school age. If you would nevertheless like to bring very young children, please ensure that they have alternatives to occupy their time so that you and your fellow passengers can listen to the tour guide without interruption.

Don't miss out!
Only a limited number of places are available, so reserving is recommended. Tickets can be collected from the reception desk up to half an hour before departure. Reserved tickets that have not been collected half an hour before departure will be released.

Fasten safety belts
A boat trip on the FutureLand Ferry is at your own risk. For this reason, please take the following into account:
> Children under 14 years of age may only participate if accompanied by an adult.
> FutureLand employees may exclude visitors from participation if they see cause to do so.
> A tour may be cancelled in the event of bad weather conditions or in other exceptional circumstances.
> Use of the safety belts in the FutureLand Express is compulsory.
> Persons who rely on mobility aids may, in consultation with the desk attendant, participate in the FutureLand Express tour. The safety of the passengers must be guaranteed in all cases.