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Curious about Maasvlakte 2? Want to know more about dredging at sea, raising new port land, or loading and unloading at the ultra-modern quays of Europe's biggest port? Then come to FutureLand and experience for yourself what will soon be history. FutureLand is suitable for young and old, for landlubbers and water rats, for port enthusiasts and gamers, for families and groups. There's always something exciting happening in FutureLand's interactive environment. Make a stunning 3D trip through the new port area with the FutureFlightExperience: zoom past tall cranes or glide alongside a passing container giant. Discover the land and port of the future for yourself.

Take part in the building!
Stand at the wheel yourself and see how and when land emerges from the water. The interactive model makes the construction plans and figures visible. Sail through it all and be surprised by the HotSpots.

Fly along!
See Maasvlakte 2 from the air in 2033. In the FutureFlightExperience you zoom over ships, docks and container cranes. Choose your own route and step out where you like!

Lie down!
Experience underneath the life-size globe why the port of Rotterdam must grow. You ask, we turn.

Have a go!
The BrainBox contains all Maasvlakte 2's secrets on film, photographs and in text. Can you fish up everything on the four-person touchscreen?

See water in water!
Watch the film Zeezicht (Sea View) projected on to a 4 by 4 metre water curtain in the WaterTheater. Incredible!

Go on expedition
Board the FutureLand Express and take an amazing tour over the new land.

Temporary exhibitions, art and other projects and lectures are organised frequently in FutureLand. You can find everything clearly summarised in the programme.

FutureLand is also the place for a cup of coffee, a delicious pastry, a snack or lunch. The restaurant and terrace have a non-stop view of the sea and the constructional activities. Definitely recommended!

User friendly
FutureLand features: entrance and toilets for the disabled, lift and free parking.
You can find more information under Practical information. Or contact us directly on:
T +31 (0)10- 252 252 0