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Pacesetter in the field of efficiency and sustainability

The Port Vision 2030 describes how the Rotterdam port and industrial zone may develop in the next 20 years. If it is up to the Port Authority, by 2030 the port will be the pacesetter in the field of efficiency and sustainability. Maasvlakte 2 is an important part of this vision on the future. Through the new land, the port can achieve a number of things, including reinforcing its position as super-efficient transport hub, for both containers and other types of cargo. Yet Maasvlakte 2 also offers space for new developments in the Rotterdam energy and chemicals cluster. The Port Vision makes clear that through more efficient use of the space in the existing port area, collaboration with Dordrecht and Moerdijk, and the development of Maasvlakte 2, as things presently appear, there will be no need for a Maasvlakte 3 even by 2030.

The Port Vision 2030 is on November 19th 2011 established by the Rotterdam municipal council as the guiding vision for the coming years. Visit Port Compass for the interactive Port Vision 2030.