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Working together towards improved accessibility

The road accessibility of the Rotterdam port is very important for both the city and the rest of the Netherlands. That is why the Port Authority, Rijkswaterstaat, the Municipality of Rotterdam and Stadsregio Rotterdam are joining forces to combat the problem of congestion.

Operating Maasvlakte 2 will inevitably increase the amount of traffic on the port area's feeder and exit roads. But Rijkswaterstaat has calculated that commuter traffic around Rotterdam will also increase substantially without the second Maasvlakte. This will increase congestion pressure on the main traffic artery leading to and from the port: the A15 motorway. This situation is no longer acceptable, which is why the area's existing road authorities - the Port of Rotterdam Authority, Rijkswaterstaat, the Municipality and Stadsregio Rotterdam - have set up the Verkeersonderneming (Traffic Management Company). The main objective of this organisation is to ensure the optimum circulation of road traffic in the port area.


The Traffic Management Company primarily focuses on the congestion problem in the region and the widening of the A15 between Vaanplein and the Maasvlakte. This widening will be realised between 2011 and 2015. The area desperately needs this measure, as in 2007, the congestion pressure increased by 22% in comparison with the preceding year. One measure that the Port Authority will be taking to limit tailbacks is the introduction of time slots. If trucks arrive outside of the rush hour, they can count on speedy processing at the container terminals. Other measures include the encouragement of collective company transport, the establishment of agreements with the terminals about more transport via (inland) shipping and rail, and the development of container transferiums for inland vessels just outside the port area.

Three points of action

The plans of the Traffic Management Company focus on three main themes:

  • Traffic management
    Measures aimed at better utilising the available road capacity in the port area.
  • Mobility management
    Measures aimed at encouraging the road user to use his/her vehicle at a different time - or not at all.
  • Traffic and Transport Information Desk
    Before the end of this year, the Traffic Management Company will open an information desk that everyone can turn to who has questions or ideas about traffic and transport in and around the A15.

With the various measures, the Traffic Management Company wants to achieve, among other things, that the road is freed up sooner after an accident and that drivers make different choices. The aim is to reduce rush hour traffic by 20%. In the near future, anyone who has ideas on how to improve circulation on the road will be able to turn to the Traffic and Transportation Information Desk.