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View-defining perspectives and panoramas

One of the Port Authority's tasks is to supervise the appearance of the port. If you want to be the best-organised port in the world and a top location for large-scale industry and service provision, you have to look like it. For this reason, a landscape plan for the entire port and for Maasvlakte 2 was prepared, commissioned by the Port Authority.

Perspectives and panoramas define the view

A large part of the activity on the present Maasvlakte is hidden. This is due to the buildings, fences or stacked-up containers. This is actually a great pity. At Maasvlakte 2, everyone should be able to see and experience what is happening in the port. This is pleasant not only for the people who work there, but also for customers, visitors, passers-by and people interested in the port. A number of panorama points are therefore planned where the docks can be seen from the dunes or the road. At the same time, these points offer a good view of the coastal landscape, the dunes and the North Sea.

To create a presentable appearance, the same transparent fencing is being installed almost everywhere, so that it is possible to see what is happening behind it. The construction echoes the essence of Maasvlakte 2: functional, safe, clean and high-tech. No colour in the buildings. White, light grey and silver set the tone. The colour comes from containers, cranes and trucks. And businesses must keep their grass neatly mowed and keep everything tidy.