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Port is and will remain safe

Crisis management in the port of Rotterdam is professionally organised. The port features modern traffic guidance and a high level of nautical service provision (pilots, towing services and boatmen). In case of emergency, fast, modern well-equipped vessels with trained crews can be deployed.

The point of departure in Maasvlakte 2's construction is that safety in and around the port remains equal to the present situation, even with the increase in shipping traffic.


Extensive research has been done into what the consequences of the increase in shipping traffic will be and what measures can be taken to ensure safety.
Examples of measures are:

  • Expansion of the infrastructure. The Beerkanaal is being widened, for example, and Maasvlakte Oil Terminal's Jetty 2 has already been moved.
  • Constant attention to improving traffic guidance.
  • Even before Maasvlakte 2's construction was started, clear agreements were made with the contractor about the execution of the work, with the aim of maintaining safety for shipping and reducing possible hindrance to shipping to a minimum. Traffic guidance plays a central role in this.

Port is and will remain safe

All of these measures ensure the port is and will remain safe. Even the arrival of terminals for Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) will present no safety problems.