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Noise perception in the vicinity of the port expansion

It is possible that noise will be experienced in the vicinity of the new industrial area from the following three sources:

  • industrial activity
  • transport by rail
  • road traffic (A4, A15 and A20)

Industrial noise

Industries work ever more quietly and cleanly. Moreover, a maximum permissible noise limit is stipulated for industrial noise nuisance. In the Rijnmond area after 2025, once Maasvlakte 2 is in use, not more than 42,000 homes may finally be within the 50dB(A)* contour. Due to the great distance from inhabited areas, Maasvlakte 2's construction will not lead to exceeding these limits, or perhaps only slightly.

Railway noise

Railway noise is being dealt with by measures on rails and trains. Nonetheless, the number of homes in Rijnmond that experience noise nuisance from the railway will increase until 2020. This is because more trains will run on the Betuweroute freight railway. In some places, the noise nuisance has already been tackled, such as on the Caland railway bridge. The bridge's steel structure functioned as a soundbox and caused a serious nuisance. In the meantime, more than 40 million euros has been invested in the bridge. Measures including sound-attenuating blocks have been installed. Noise screens have also been constructed. Moreover, a speed limit for trains has been instituted.

Between 2020 and 2033, the rolling stock will also become quieter so that the number of homes in Rijnmond suffering nuisance will reduce steeply to around half as many as today.

Road traffic

Despite the increase, the road traffic on the A4, A15 and A20 will cause less noise nuisance than at present. This will be the result of laying quieter asphalt, and the use of quieter tyres and engines. Through this type of measure and through noise screens, the number of homes in Rijnmond exposed to over 50dB(A)* will steadily reduce.

* dB(A) is a measure of the strength of the noise level. As a comparison: a conversation at a normal level is 60 dB(A); the noise in a normal living room is 40 dB(A).

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