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Ample space for containers, chemical industry and distribution

600 ha for container transfer

600 ha of the land reclamation has been reserved for container transfer companies. This will double the container transfer capacity of the Rotterdam port. Three major stevedores already signed a contract for a location on Maasvlakte 2 as early as 2007.

300 ha for the chemical industry

Chemical companies work closely together in clusters: one company's residual product can sometimes form an important base material for the other. With one of the largest petrochemical clusters in the world - on the existing Maasvlakte - Maasvlakte 2 has a peerless starting position for developing chemical activities. Besides an expansion of the existing petrochemical cluster, the Port Authority expects that Maasvlakte 2 will accommodate more development in the biochemical sector. It is not yet known who will be setting up on the 300 ha reserved for the chemical industry.

100 ha for distribution

Thanks to its ideal location directly on the open sea and its good connections with the rest of Europe, the Rotterdam port is a popular location among international companies for establishing their European Distribution Centres. Major names like Reebok, DHL, Kloosterboer, Nippon Express, Archer Daniel Midlands and Hankook already have cutting-edge distribution centres on the existing Maasvlakte. The increase in container transfer activities on Maasvlakte 2 will also mean an increased demand for distribution options. Distribution companies can set up at Maasvlakte 2 from 2013 on. Some 100 ha of site has been reserved for this purpose.