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Twelve orchid species in the Port of Rotterdam area

There are many protected plant species in the Rotterdam port area, including various species of orchid. Account is taken of this in the construction and building of the port. Only after it has been investigated whether there are alternative development sites, and once the loss of habitat is compensated for elsewhere, may work be done on sites where there are protected species.

Marsh helleborine

The former Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality granted the Port Authority exemption from the prohibition with respect to disturbing the marsh helleborine. The Port Authority is taking adequate measures to allow the continued survival of the marsh helleborine in the port area. Moreover, new growing areas for this orchid species are being created through the construction of Maasvlakte 2.

  • Prior to the Hartelstrook coming into use, the marsh helleborine's exact growth spots will be determined.
  • Any examples found will be dug up and moved to locations where the species is already established.

Twelve orchid species

In total, twelve orchid species have been found in the Rotterdam port area, or more precisely, ten species and two subspecies:

  • marsh helleborine
  • broad-leaved helleborine
  • common twayblade
  • fragrant orchid
  • heath spotted orchid
  • early marsh orchid
  • western marsh orchid
  • southern marsh orchid
  • green-winged orchid
  • pyramidal orchid
  • bee orchid
  • fen orchid