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Room for nature


The new harbour and industrial area Maasvlakte 2 will be located in the Voordelta, a protected natural reserve. Parties will do their utmost to keep the impact on nature to a minimum during the development of the new industrial area and subsequent construction. But the replacement of 2,000 ha of seabed by a harbour and industrial area will undoubtedly have consequences for the local flora and fauna.

Extensive research into the effects

Parties have conducted years of research to gain insight into the extent of the impact of the development and operation of the new harbour on the local flora and fauna. The results have been compiled in so-called MER (EIA) reports. Both reports include Nature Appendices, which substantiate the results and conclusions presented in the reports proper.

Compensation of damage

Damage to the existing biotope will be compensated. Measures include the arrangement of a seabed protection area with rest areas in the Voordelta and the development of a new dune area near Delfland.