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What is the effect of fitting out and use?

All questions about the effects on nature and the environment of Maasvlakte 2's future fitting out and use are answered in the Zoning EIA. What companies are coming? What will the road network look like and what are the facilities for rail and inland shipping? What measures are being taken to reduce noise nuisance and to improve air quality? Will there be opportunities for beach and other recreation?

Scientific research

The studies within the two environmental impact assessments were thorough and extensive, using the latest scientific insights. A good example of innovative research is that new, more detailed models to map out the effects on coast and sea were developed in collaboration with scientists. Such models did not yet exist. Another example is the study into the effects of underwater noise during sand extraction. It was investigated for the first time how much noise sand extraction ships produce and how far this noise travels under water. In all effect predictions, it was opted to play safe by assuming the worst case scenarios.

Independent Commission's positive recommendation

The independent Commission for the environmental impact assessment concluded in December 2007 that the reports on Maasvlakte 2 present a good picture of the environmental consequences of the construction and use of the port expansion. For example, according to the Commission, the use of Maasvlakte 2 will not lead to a worsening of the air quality, because sufficient compensating measures are being taken.