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Thorough procedure and in open dialogue

Maasvlakte 2 is an extensive, important and radical project. The construction of the new port and industrial area is part of the Rotterdam Mainport Development Project (PMR). A long period of planning, investigation and decision-making precedes the start of a large project like the PMR.

Both during the planning and now, during the realisation, an open dialogue is held with environmental organisations and stakeholders' representatives. In this way an approach in which everyone trusts was achieved during planning.

The planning chain in the PMR comprises the following sequential links:

  • Key Physical Planning Decision: reservation of space and establishment of conditions for fitting out.
  • Zoning plans: zoning of the sites and usage conditions.
  • Permit and Licence issuance: permission and conditions for the construction, environmental and building permits.  

The procedure was started in July 1997, after the then Cabinet agreed to the project decision Space Shortage in Mainport Rotterdam. You can find a summarised chronological overview of the entire decision-making process for the Rotterdam Mainport Development Project (PMR) until now here.

Public participation

The formal public participation procedures to do with zoning plans and permits were completed early in 2009. You may refer to the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management's Participation Point (Inspraakpunt) for information on procedures. During the participation periods this participation point was responsible for functions including making all documents available for perusal, and it served as contact point for all reactions.