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Organisations together monitor compliance with agreements

Maasvlakte 2 forms part of the Rotterdam Mainport Development Project (PMR). This project has a two-part objective. On the one hand, it offers space for healthy development of the port of Rotterdam. On the other, it increases the quality of life in the Rijnmond region. To ensure that the balance between economy and quality of life is safeguarded not only during the planning process, but also during construction and thereafter, the Vision and Trust document was signed by a wide group of organisations.

Finger on the pulse

Through the signing of this document by four environmental organisations, two overarching organisations from the business community, three Ministries, the Province, the municipality, the urban region and the Port of Rotterdam Authority, it was established that during the realisation of the PMR projects, including Maasvlakte 2, the finger would be kept jointly on the pulse regarding compliance with all the agreements made.
The agreements were made for a period of 25 years and are a combination of elements from the Key Physical Planning Decision and the various licences and permits for the construction of Maasvlakte 2. It is the first time that this kind of long-term agreement has been made for a project of this scale with such a diversity of stakeholder organisations.

Annual evaluation

An evaluation of the progress of the PMR projects is made annually. This concerns the construction of Maasvlakte 2, its environmental compensation (seabed protection area and dune compensation), the 750 ha of new nature and recreation areas around Rotterdam and the project 'Existing Rotterdam Area' (intensification of usage of existing port area and quality of life improvement). Moreover, progress on a number of associated obligations which the Port Authority has accepted voluntarily is included here.  Examples of this are the installation of shore power (electricity) at inland shipping berths, increasing the loading degree of trucks, the sustainable fitting out of the public areas at Maasvlakte 2, reduction of light nuisance for migratory birds, and the construction of 'nature stepping stones' in the port area.

Since 2010, the organisations have annually discussed progress on these matters, which are laid down both legally and extra-legally, under the leadership of independent chair Sybilla Dekker. Based on this, advice is issued by the stakeholder organisations to one of the implementing parties, and additional agreements may be made. Once every five years an independent knowledge institution makes a large-scale evaluation of progress.

Who has signed?

The organisations that have signed 'Vision and Trust' are: the Ministries of Infrastructure and The Environment, and of Agriculture, Nature and Innovation, the Province of Zuid-Holland, the Municipality of Rotterdam, the Rotterdam urban region, Milieufederatie Zuid-Holland, Stichting Het Zuid-Hollands Landschap, Stichting Duinbehoud, Deltalinqs, VNO-NCW and the Port of Rotterdam Authority. In the near future, still more stakeholder organisations may possibly join the annual meeting.