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Improving the living environment and making better use of the port area

The Existing Rotterdam Area (BRG) project comprises a series of sub-projects to realise the following goals:

  • To make better use the existing Rotterdam port area. These are what are known as the intensification projects.
  • To improve the living environment in and around Rotterdam. These are known as the quality of life projects.

A number of projects have been completed already, and others are still underway. The entire BRG programme will run until 2021.

Intensification projects

These projects are aimed at making better use of the existing port areas. The aim is to have gained a total area of 200 hectares by 2021 through redevelopment, reclamation and/or more intensive use of port-related functions. The space gained will be used for (new) land release or other port-related functions. In this way, the existing port can be employed still better, while awaiting the new space in Maasvlakte 2.

This concerns:

  • 61 hectares from seabed projects and optimisation in the oil sector
  • 41.5 ha from additional projects, particularly filling in channels in the Waal-Eem port area
  • 7.5 ha extra storage capacity through a fourth car deck at Broekman's.            

At the start of 2007, 132 of the 200 hectares had already been realised.

Quality of life projects

The quality of life projects have the aim of improving the liveability in the Rijnmond region. This arises from the dual objective of the Rotterdam Mainport Development Project (PMR): expand the port and increase the region's liveability.

This concerns:

  • Improving environmental quality.
  • Construction and quality improvement of nature and recreation areas.
  • Improvement of the spatial quality of the Rotterdam region.       

Some examples of quality of life projects are the measures taken to combat the noise nuisance from the Caland railway bridge, the installation of noise screens along the A20 motorway and the railway lines, the construction of small neighbourhood parks along the Maas and the redevelopment of the Rozenburg Peninsula.