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Rotterdam Mainport Development Project

To both strengthen the economy and improve the quality of life in the Rotterdam region, three sub-projects which are inextricably linked are being carried out under the direction of the Rotterdam Mainport Development Project (PMR):

Maasvlakte 2
The sustainable expansion of the port of Rotterdam with 2,000 hectares of port and industrial area, including the realisation of the necessary environmental compensation.

Existing Rotterdam Area (BRG)
This is a Rotterdam municipality programme to allow the existing port area to be employed more efficiently and to improve the living, social and working climate in the region.

750 hectares of nature and recreation areas
The construction of three new nature and recreation areas of a total of 750 hectares to the north and south of Rotterdam under the direction of the South Holland Province.

Existing Rotterdam Area

The Municipality of Rotterdam intends to make better use of the existing port area through the Existing Rotterdam Area (BRG) programme. At the same time, the quality of the living environment in the Rijnmond area will be improved. Specific projects are:

  • noise reduction on the Caland railway bridge
  • application of quieter road surfaces
  • construction and improvement of river parks along the Maas
  • redevelopment of the Rozenburg Peninsula as nature and recreation area
  • a quality impulse for the Oostvoorne Lake.

750 hectares of nature and recreation area

The economy and quality of life are getting a boost in the coming years. A total of 750 hectares of new nature and recreation areas are being constructed around Rotterdam as part of the Rotterdam Mainport Development Project:

  • Zuidpolder and Schiebroek Polder (100 hectares)
  • Schie zone (50 hectares)
  • Buijtenland landscape park (600 hectares)
  • Green connection to link Rotterdam South and Buijtenland

Zuidpolder and Schiebroek Polder
The area of the Berkel Zuidpolder and the Rotterdam Schiebroek Polder (100 hectares) are called the Bow Tie (Vlinderstrik) due to their shape. Rotterdam and Lansingerland municipalities are creating a nature and recreation area from this. Man and animal are thus obtaining more green habitat and room to move.

Schie zone
In the Schie river zone, 50 hectares is being laid out as a nature and recreation area. The cycle route along the Delft Schie is getting a facelift too. The West-Abtsepolderseweg road is being extended and improved as a cycle route. In addition, there will be various new footpaths and a new surfaced cycle path from east to west. De Tempel estate and the allotments will stay in existence.

Buijtenland landscape park
During the coming 13 years, a new landscape park will come into existence between Rhoon and the Old Maas: the Buijtenland landscape park with an area of 600 hectares, based on the characteristic open feel of the polder landscape. Dikes, old farms and the village atmosphere will therefore be preserved. Besides this, there will be ample new opportunities for recreation.

Green Connection
This links Rotterdam South with the greenery outside the city, the Buijtenland landscape park and other nature along the Old Maas, hence the name Green Connection. Walkers and cyclists will soon be able to reach the Buijtenland landscape park from Rotterdam via a bridge across the A15 and the Betuweroute freight railway. The connection will be near the Portland district. In this way, the barrier formed by the A15 and the Betuweroute will be circumvented as far as possible.