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Two aims, three sub-projects

The port of Rotterdam is one of the most important in the world and makes a significant contribution to the Dutch economy. There is barely any more room available in the existing port and industrial area for new businesses and existing clients who wish to expand. If the port wishes to continue to develop adequately, more space must be arranged. This is why the Dutch government wants to reinforce Rotterdam Mainport, while maintaining respect for nature and the environment and the quality of the living environment in the Rijnmond region. The Rotterdam Mainport Development Project (PMR) has been set up to achieve this. It comprises three sub-projects:

  • Maasvlakte 2
    construction of new port area and the associated environmental compensation for damage to protected nature.
  • 750 hectares of new nature and recreation areas
    developments on Midden-IJsselmonde and to the north of Rotterdam.
  • Existing Rotterdam Area (BRG)
    a series of projects to make better use of the existing port area and to improve the quality of the living environment.


  • The Port of Rotterdam Authority is constructing Maasvlakte 2 at its own risk and expense. For this, it has set up the Project Organization Maasvlakte 2: a business-case-directed project that is closely monitored by the Port Authority's shareholders: the State and the Municipality of Rotterdam.
  • PMR (part of the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management) bears the responsibility for realising the environmental compensation for the construction and use of Maasvlakte 2.
  • The Province of Zuid-Holland is responsible for the 750-hectare nature and recreation area sub-project.
  • The Municipality of Rotterdam is responsible for the Existing Rotterdam Area (BRG) sub-project.


The Rotterdam Mainport Development Project is a collaborative conglomerate comprising:

  • the Rotterdam urban region
  • the Municipality of Rotterdam
  • the Province of Zuid-Holland
  • the Port of Rotterdam Authority N.V.
  • the Ministries of: 
    • Infrastructure and the Environment
    • Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation
    • Finance