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Linking road, rail and pipelines to the existing infrastructure

2013 will see the start of the first port activities at Maasvlakte 2. The new port area needs to connect seamlessly to the existing Maasvlakte. After all, good connections with the hinterland are of crucial importance. The high-tech container terminals need to be accessible via road, water and rail. This requires a substantial expansion of the infrastructure.

The Port Authority is working on the expansion and adaptation of the infrastructure in the existing Maasvlakte area. The railway line and the roads will be extended to Maasvlakte 2. And cables and pipelines too need to be moved and extended. In contrast with the construction of roads and track on Maasvlakte 2 itself, this work is not covered by the contract with PUMA. Good planning is essential, since around 2013, everything needs to merge into a well-oiled machine.

That is why the activities are on a tight schedule and where possible are planned in vacant areas. The aim is to realise a seamless transition that creates as little nuisance as possible. After all, throughout the project, companies on the existing Maasvlakte will be continuing operations. The companies in the surrounding area will be informed as well as possible about local detours and activities. Most work aimed at connecting the existing and new Maasvlakte areas will be executed in 2011 and 2012.