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Careful and clever

Contractors' conglomerate PUMA, in which Boskalis and Van Oord collaborate, is constructing Maasvlakte 2. PUMA received the commission to do this as innovatively and sustainably as possible. The dredging contractors work with modern, clean, energy-efficient vessels. All contractors and subcontractors are obliged to work according to the guideline 'Sustainable building in ground, road and water construction' (Duurzaam bouwen in grond-, weg- en waterbouw).

Hard and soft seawall
The entire seawall around Maasvlakte 2 is around 11 kilometres long. To the north will come stony dunes over a length of 3.5 km. This is a sand dune with a top layer of fist-sized pebbles. It is comparable to the natural pebble beaches in France and Britain, which have proved to be very safe. In front of this structure a dam of blocks will be made in the sea to serve as a breakwater. The present Maasvlakte block dam will be largely reused for the new dam. This saves waste and the delivery and use of new material.

On the western and southern sides, a 7.5 kilometre-long soft seawall of dunes with beach is being constructed. By using a slightly coarser grain than usual for these dunes and the beach, a steeper outer bank is constructed from less sand. A clever solution for construction and maintenance costs and a reduced burden on the environment with less disturbance to seabed life.