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Distinguishing perspectives and panoramas

One of the tasks that have been entrusted to the Port of Rotterdam Authority is safeguarding the appearance of the port area. If you aim to be the best organised port in the world and a prime location for large-scale industry and services, you need to look the part. That is why the Port Authority has commissioned a landscape plan for the entire port area and for Maasvlakte 2.

Perspectives and panoramas define the view

At the existing Maasvlakte, a large share of the business activity is hidden from view. This is due to the buildings, fencing and the tall stacks of containers. Actually, this is quite a shame. At Maasvlakte 2, everyone needs to be able to see and experience for themselves what is going on in the port. This will not only benefit the people who work there, but also the area's clients, visitors, passers-by and those curious about the port. For this reason, the port plan outlines a number of panorama points from where one will have a good view of the port basins from the road or the dune. At the same time, these lookouts offer a splendid view of the coastal landscape, the dunes and the North Sea.

To maintain a presentable appearance, virtually the entire area will feature the same transparent fencing that offers a clear view of what is happening within. Maasvlakte 2's built-up area will reflect the essence of the new port area: functional, safe, clean and high-tech. The buildings will not be coloured: white, light grey and silver set the tone. The colour will be provided by the containers, cranes and trucks in the area. And companies will be required to keep their lawns neatly mown and their sites clean.