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Self-propelled dredging vessels

A trailing suction hopper dredger is a sea-going vessel that can suck up sand from the sea floor and transport it across great distances. The dredger sucks up sand at the sand extraction site via its suction tubes. The sand ends up in the hold. Once the bin is full, the ship sails to its destination. Here, the sand is unloaded again.

For the construction of the first phase of Maasvlakte 2, the trailing suction hopper dredgers of the PUMA consortium will be transporting 210 million m³ of sand from the offshore sand extraction area to the fill. By unloading via the hull (klappen), rainbowing on the sand and shore pumping, the dredgers will raise the new land for port sites up to 5 m above New Amsterdam Water Level (NAP).

The average length of a trailing suction hopper dredger is 150 m.