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A multicat is a work boat that has been fitted with a winch and a hydraulic crane. The multicat can be used for a wide range of activities during the construction of Maasvlakte 2. It delivers stores to the hoppers and cutters working at sea, for example. These stores include food and drinking water for on board consumption, but the multicat also delivers goods that were ordered and spare parts. In addition, it provides the various of equipment with fuel.


The multicat assists the stationary equipment with the moving and repositioning of the anchors. It is also used to connect the trailing suction hopper dredgers to the floating pipeline. In poor weather, the multicat can help the hoppers to manoeuvre. By pressing against the hopper, the multicat keeps the ship in place when shore pumping or rainbowing on the sand. Furthermore, the vessel is able to perform towing duties for the cutter suction dredgers.