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A large-scale operation requires large-scale equipment

A wide array of equipment will be deployed in the construction of Maasvlakte 2. From trailing suction hopper dredgers to a modified E-crane, and from bulldozers to multicats. Each more than able to withstand the elements and bring this difficult job to a successful conclusion. The following is a selection from the range of equipment deployed and a description of their respective jobs.

Trailing suction hopper dredger

Sucks sand from the sea floor and transports it across great distances. The PUMA consortium will be extracting some 200 m³ of sand at sea for the construction of the first phase of Maasvlakte 2.
1 to 20 vessels. Length: approximately 150 m

E-Crane Blockbuster

Positions the concrete blocks from the existing block dam, which weigh over 40 tonnes a piece, in the new hard seawall of Maasvlakte 2. This crane, which was constructed especially for the project, has a lift of 50 tonnes and extends 63 m from the heart of the machine.
1 crane. Height: 18.5 m

Cutter suction dredger

Uses a rotating cutter head to loosen the soil and suck up the material - usually by pumping it on shore via pipelines. For the Maasvlakte 2 project, the cutter suction dredgers will be deepening the port basins, moving some 30 million m³ of soil in the process.
2 vessels. Length: approximately 90 m


Dredges debris, rock and soft, weathered or broken rocks. This floating bucket digger is used among other things for removing the bottom-most layer of rocks in the existing Maasvlakte block dam.
1 machine. Length: approximately 50 m


Can always be found in the vicinity of the floating pipeline, to feed, turn or move it. In addition, multicats supply the ships with food and spare parts, so that the vessels can work 24 hours a day.
2 vessels. Length: approximately 20 m

Bulldozers and hydraulic cranes

Move sand on shore. While the trailing suction hopper dredger discharges a sand/water slurry from its pipeline, the bulldozers distribute and level the sand so that it can quickly settle.
2 cranes, 2 bulldozers