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Lara Almarcegui
Courtesy: the artist

For Portscapes, Lara Almarcegui developed an inventory of the fallow grounds that can be found throughout the Rotterdam port, including the present Maasvlakte. The results of her research were presented in a newspaper. She is specifically interested in areas that are characterised by an apparent lack of human design and development. She focuses attention on these areas, where time seems to have stood still in a certain, strange way. Unspoilt paradises - for nature and for visitors - have developed at these sites, seemingly independently of the rhythm of the city's expansion.

On 8 November 2009, SKOR organised a Pass Travel: an excursion headed by a biologist that visited these fallow grounds in the Rotterdam Port. Lara Almarcegui hopes that this project will allow visitors to gain a better understanding of the port area, and that they will start to see the changes there with different eyes. In the future, when many of these sites will be developed or altered, Almarcegui's newspaper will serve as testimony of what the port looked like in 2009.