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Station Maasvlakte 2, 2009

Fucking Good Art
Courtesy: the artists

From 21 August to 21 September 2009, Rob Hamelijnck and Nienke Terpsma of Fucking Good Art set up themselves in a container unit between a dune and a wind turbine, with a wide view of the construction of the second Maasvlakte. There, in this industrial, uninhabited but intensively used area, they manned their temporary web radio and research station so they could experience the area and work on Portscapes ON AIR - Maasvlakte Station.

During this period, this website presented various soundscapes of ‘dialogues philosophiques': informal conversations in which the surroundings of the artists served as a constant source of new topics. Besides talking with people who work, fish, swim or spot ships in the area, the duo also invited a number of guests who could offer, based on their own field of expertise, a unique perspective on different aspects of the Maasvlakte. Guests included: Frank Bruggeman (designer and editor of the artist's magazine Club Donny), Hans Aarsman (once a photographer, now a writer and columnist), Remko Andeweg (botanical analyst, urban biologist in Rotterdam and author of Vreemde Planten in Rotterdam (‘Exotic Plants in Rotterdam')), Lino Hellings (Errorist, P.A.P.A. Press Agency), Gijsbert Korevaar (industrial ecologist), Aurélie Barbier (urban planner), Martin Blum (farmer and artist), Marjolijn de Kok (theoretical archaeologist, Lima Publishers), John Lonsdale (architect), Achilleka Komguem (artist and editor of Diartgonale) and the CLUI (Centre for Land Use Interpretation).

There was no running water or fridge at Maasvlakte Station, but the location did have electricity: via an extension cord running directly from the wind turbine, which besides electricity also supplied a constant beat. ‘We also saw this month as a pilot project for a more permanent Maasvlakte Station, a prospect point where independent researchers, artists, journalists and people from the port can stay on a temporary basis. Or at least until 2013, when the first container ships berth at Maasvlakte 2,' say Rob Hamelijnck and Nienke Terpsma.

Thanks to the PUMA consortium for providing the accommodation and Delta for the electricity.