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A Last Look

Dorothée Meyer first in series

The first artist to take on this task is Dorothée Meyer (Cologne, 1973). She took photos on the perimeter of the existing Maasvlakte during the summer of 2007.Dorothée Meyer
‘Because I was the first photographer to set to work here, the obvious choice for me was to focus on the existing landscape. I thought the first preparations for the work on Maasvlakte 2 – the first changes there – would be interesting, because they show us an in-between stage. I wanted to record the landscape in such a way that the images still leave something to the viewer’s interpretation and imagination. Vistas that express a sense of space and silence, of darkness and natural power. A tension between the old constructed landscape and the looming changes.’

Dorothée stayed in the area for months, constantly waiting for the right light.  In early 2008, the results of her work were exhibited in the Nederlands Fotomuseum.

The Maasvlakte 2 Image Project was set up by the Port of Rotterdam Authority (Project Organization Maasvlakte 2), the Nederlands Fotomuseum and Foundation Art and Public Space (SKOR). The project will run from 2007 until 2013, the year in which the first ship moors at the new port area.