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Interactive poetry exhibition

Since July 2009, visitors have been able to listen to the interactive poetry exhibition 'Woorden in de Branding' ('Awash with Words') at the FutureLand visitor centre. Ten Rotterdam poets have written a poem about the future land reclamation and the Rotterdam port: Carrie, Rien Vroegindeweij, Peter Swanborn, Koos Postema, Daniël Dee, Maria Barnas, Jules Deelder, Ester Naomi Perquin, Hans Wap and Wilfried de Jong.
Poets - Awash in Words
The poets recite their own work and can be listened to via one’s (mobile) phone.

Ten pillars surrounding the FutureLand terrace list a telephone number and a code together with the name of each poet. Passers-by and visitors to FutureLand can call this number and listen to the recitations via their mobile phone. You can listen to one of the poems via the link next to this text. Would you like to listen to the other poems? In that case, call
+31(0)900-512 12 12*.

A special collection containing the ten poems and photographic portraits of the poets by photographer Joost van den Broek is sold for five euro at FutureLand.

* The costs for listening to the poem are 15 cents per minute, not including the costs for the use of your (mobile) telephone. While listening to the poem, you can return to the main menu by pressing the hash key.