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6 Hour Tide Object with Correction of Perspective; 2009

Jan Dibbets
Photo: Freek van Arkel

Jan Dibbets made his work for Portscapes on 8 February 2009 - an early Sunday morning on the virgin beach of Maasvlakte - during the contemporary art fair Art Rotterdam. The final result is an 8-minute film. Exactly forty years ago, Dibbets made the original version of this - by now classic - work, which was broadcast on German television as part of Gerry Schum's Fernsehgalerie 'Land Art'. I Fernsehausstellung I (1969). The film shows how Dibbets, using a shovel, traces a rectangle that has been corrected for perspective on the beach. The rising tide subsequently erases the drawing.

On 14 June 2009, the remake of the film 6 Hours Tide Object with Correction of Perspective was presented for the first time. The showing took place in FutureLand, the Maasvlakte 2 information centre. Shortly after, from 24-28 June 2009, the work was shown in New York, in the context of Latitudes' participation in 'NO SOUL FOR SALE - A festival of Independents'.